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There are 3 ways to stop the service:

1: Via URL: You can unsubscribe at any time via this link: [XXXXXXX]. They will be issued immediately.

2: Via Email: You can send an email with the mobile number out should be written ie@next-battle.com.

3: Via telephone hotline: Customers can call customer service on [XXXXXX] (EUR 0.00/min).

Follow the link: [XXXXXXX]

If you are registered for the service NextBattle you pay EUR 5.00 - per week.

Our website and promotions indicate that anyone under 18 must first obtain the express permission of their parent or guardian. We cannot be held liable if a minor child registers with us without parental consent. To unsubscribe, please open this link: [XXXXXX] . Or you can send an email to our customer service and ask to unsubscribe ie@next-battle.com. We act according to the guidelines of the mobile phone operators.

You may not remember that you signed up for our service. To take out a subscription to our service, you will first receive a message that you must confirm. Only then are you logged in. Always make sure that no one else has access to your cell phone and that no one can subscribe to our service using your cell phone number without your permission. Check the messages you receive carefully and which number they were sent from. If a message does not come from [XXXXXXXX] (EUR 0.00/min), then contact your mobile operator's customer service.

For all other questions, please send an email with your question to ie@next-battle.com and please call [XXXXXX]